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Image: Aquarius MoonThe month begins in an open-minded and friendly mood with a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1 and a relaxed aspect of Mars in Virgo with Jupiter in Taurus. You can now promptly take care of things left undone for a long time and complete important work. Virgo Mercury is in opposition to Saturn in Pisces on August 2. Be detail-oriented and meticulous; it's worth it. If you are prone to excessive self-criticism, you should consciously take a more relaxed approach. Rejoice in what you have been able to accomplish.

Retrograde Pluto squares the Moon's Node in Aries on August 3. Now the consequences of earlier omissions could become apparent. On August 7, the Sun and Jupiter square, and the Moon simultaneously reaches the Lunar Node, thus also squaring Pluto. If you want to realize something important, do not hesitate to execute it now. You can make excellent progress.

Image: VenusVenus is square to Uranus during these days (exact on the 9th), Mercury trines Jupiter (on the 10th), and the Sun conjoins Venus on August 13. These are exciting days you can use creatively. Enjoy the magic of this time but be aware that its fruits will probably not be harvested until later, as Venus is still retrograde until early September.

The Leo New Moon of August 16 squares Uranus, and Mars in Virgo simultaneously trines Uranus. It is a somewhat charged time when extroverted natures can find an excellent stage for self-expression. However, it is also suitable for expressing what is close to your heart. Enter the debate with your concerns without making demands, and beware of vanity. Silent meditation can now also provide you with new and valuable inner impulses.

Image: VirgoOn August 22, Venus squares Jupiter, and Mars opposes Neptune in Pisces. On August 23, the Sun enters Virgo, with Mercury turning retrograde (until September 15). The quality of time now indicates a dissonant phase, lacking in energy. People may now fail to implement many a good plan. Try to get to the bottom of any possible doubts, and use the time to correct mistakes and improve details.

On August 27, the Sun opposes Saturn, and at the same time, Mars enters Libra. Then on the 29th, Uranus begins its retrograde phase, which lasts until late January 2024. Except for Mars and Jupiter, all planets are now retrograde. Some disillusionment could set in. Those who adapt their plans to the new reality are well-advised. The Pisces Full Moon is conjunct Saturn on August 31, underscoring the need for mutual support.


Image: calendarThe many retrograde planets indicate the importance of consciously processing what you have experienced. Take time to recapitulate the past weeks and months. Do you remember how you felt at the beginning of the year and what issues you were dealing with? A retrospection can sometimes be very enlightening and provide deep insights into the hidden phases of your life.

The topic of retrospection is also taken up by the horoscope "Beyond Midlife" by Markus Jehle. It offers an overview of the essential phases of your second half of life, both past and future. It is a horoscope for further life planning and a stimulus for biographical self-reflection.

You can find interpretations of your personal quality of time in forecast horoscopes, such as Liz Greene's Yearly Horoscope Analysis and Robert Hand's Transits of the Year. You can also read the Personal Daily Horoscope and other predictive interpretations for free on our website.

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Beyond Midlife - A Horoscope for Life after 40

Author: Markus Jehle

With the horoscope "Beyond midlife" by Markus Jehle you have the special opportunity to read in your past, present and future. The horoscope discusses your current life topic and, at the same time, opens up a wide arc on the time axis.

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